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About us

At agencia-p we rely on a results-driven strategy focused on increasing the net profit of your local business. This agency has been created with the aim of improving the digital aspect of businesses, as we are tired of seeing businesses missing out on millions of euros each year by not implementing the best strategy.

Since not all businesses can afford to hire a team of professionals, we also offer the possibility of accessing our software with included training so that you can start capturing clients even with a low budget.»

What we offer

Paid advertising

«We specialize solely in paid advertising services. We have chosen to focus exclusively on offering paid advertising to become the best in the industry, as spreading oneself too thin leads to inefficiency. With over 30 clients and +500,000$ invested in advertising, we can proudly say that we are a leading agency in the English-speaking market, distinguishing ourselves by delivering astonishing return on investment.»

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Different platforms work very differently for businesses. Some are incredibly competitive and expensive, especially Google ads. Others hardly work.

We know this from experience.

But when it comes to finding exclusive leads for businesses, we know exactly what works, and that’s Facebook and Instagram.

In terms of the quality of sales opportunities and cost, the Meta platforms have been our undisputed champion in lead generation.

And because we only use Facebook and Instagram and only work with local businesses… we have developed an unbeatable expertise in lead generation.

By utilizing Facebook’s powerful audience targeting tools, we can identify audiences with great precision.

Until another platform emerges that can surpass Facebook and Instagram, we will stick with them. They work!


At Agencia-p, we have a total limit of 25 local businesses for our professional services, and we carefully select our clients.

If you are interested in generating high-quality leads, you can book a meeting, and our team will assess whether it can be mutually beneficial for both parties.